EpsilonPi is a powerful and versatile shield for Raspberry Pi

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EpsilonPi is a powerful and versatile platform born to be the building-block of scientific and industrial instruments.

Powerful because it can interact with the real world in a straightforward way, by means of a fast Ethernet interface and builtin software libraries.

Versatile because of the wedding between RaspberryPi® and a dsPic®-based digital board which provides real-time to the former. The pair can be further equipped with task-specific companion cards, forming the optimal setut for signal acquisition and processing.

System philosophy
EpsilonPi combines speed, precision and reliability in one single solution. It can be easily embedded into ideally any instrument and programmed to perform demanding operations. EpsilonPi is organized as a "Logical State Machine" with an open command-based interface. It is therefore possible to program any desired sequence of actions and to implement any device functionality.

EpsilonPi can be accessed by Ethernet using ZeroMQ, probably the most powerful communication
protocol available today (http://zeromq.org).

Extending a Raspberry Pi ®
Mini PC with Real-time Capabilities for Advanced Atomic  Force Microscopy Applications

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